Why us?

Meet Dan and Sally.  After several years of working in the tiny home industry we created our own, and the experience was addictive. Starting a tiny home business was a natural and easy choice to make. Our commitment to our clients satisfaction is unwavering, from the initial contact to the final handover. 

We're driven by a singular purpose: to craft accessible havens known as tiny homes, each one a testament to environmental responsibility and the freedom of relocation. Our designs offer the potential for solar-powered, off-grid living, with systems for rainwater harvesting. We even provide the option for composting sanitation facilities, furthering the minimisation of environmental impact. As we propel ourselves towards the future, our vision is to construct entirely eco-friendly units, utilising repurposed and recycled materials, both natural and free from harmful chemicals. 

We work with an accomplished team of craftsmen who love all things tiny! We combine sustainable housing with the highest energy efficiency, exceptional durability, low maintenance and extreme comfort, while maintaining a sound ecological footprint. We source responsibly, build consciously, and leave the earth better than we found it. That's what really makes us tick! 

Our unwavering mission extends beyond simply constructing dwellings; we strive to provide a superior product at a competitive price. While maintaining the highest standards of quality, we are aware of the financial realities faced by many. It is our deeply held aspiration to make these exceptional tiny homes attainable, thereby empowering individuals of diverse economic backgrounds to embrace this unique lifestyle choice.

Let's talk tiny homes! Contact us for a chat and see how we can help.